Future 'true' account balance

I was directed by Monzo to add this request into this forum, so here goes:
I would like an account that once I have been paid, displays my outgoing DD’s and standing order’s for the month, so the balance reflects what I have, post anticipated outgoings, thus displaying a ‘true’ balance for the month ahead.

Out of curiosity do you/ have you set up a budget in summary?

For me, I haven’t and therefore I have a “left to spend” figure below my main account balance. This figure is what I have left after all my DDs and Scheduled Payments have gone OUT* until the next pay date.

*scheduled movements to pots not included


That’s a good shout; no I don’t use the budget element as it tends to act as a guide only. I was ‘attacking’ this from the bank side rather than the user - I would prefer an exact ‘future’ balance rather than ball park figure based on £5 increments.

It does give you exact figures based on what direct debits and scheduled payments you have setup :thinking:

Do you have an example to explain what you’re wanting to achieve a little better?

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Thanks for the reply, perhaps I need to delve into the options a little more.