Future Balance

(Daz Fisher) #1

Hi all,

Awaiting my Monzo card but would just like to ask a question that I have searched forums about but not found an answer to …
I have previously (MoneyWiz) had the option to select a date in advance and be given a ‘true’ balance for that date taking into account any future scheduled DD’s, Standing Orders, Subscriptions etc.
Is this possible in Monzo?

On a side note, still trying to fathom Pots!
I guess it will be clearer once I’ve used them lol



Yes - this is all on the Summary screen, as of this week!

Pots are basically like savings accounts, but without their own details. You can set them up in an instant, and move money in and out if them any time, but you can’t spend the money from them - you’d have to move it back into the main account first. Also, any money in a pot doesn’t save you from going overdrawn in the main account.

(Colin Robinson) #3

And if you explicitly name one Coin Jar it will round up purchases to the nearest pound :pound: which I really like :grinning:

(Ghost) #4

Or use IFTTT to round up the change, then you won’t have to name it ‘Coin Jar’ or have any minimum balance limitations! Just another option :slight_smile: