Full name for bank transfer

No response on the chat, so asking here!
I would like the agency I work for, to transfer my weekly payments into this account. Can they address it to me WITHOUT middle name instead of full name? Just easier for the agency, I have a long middle name:/

The current rules on bank transfers don’t demand that the name used is even close to the name of the recipient, you could send it to Donald Duck with your account details and it would make it there.

IIRC even when the new rules come in (sometime in 2020) that require the destination account name to be specified, Monzo have said there will be intelligence in the name so it need not directly match your full name. I’ll see if I can track down the original topic for you.


It’s called Confirmation of Payee (CoP) but I can’t seem to track a topic about it, although it’s been mentioned often.

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This could be it;

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Ok, cool, thanks Tony! Look forward to using Monzo :slight_smile:

Glad you got your answer

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