Fuel - 'Pay at Pump' delayed Debit?

(Sam Macdonald) #1

Hey Peeps, just wanting to check I’ve not done something wrong here.

I paid for fuel at the pump earlier today. Insert card, enter pin, card accepted, pump fuel, job done, check tyre pressure (always check tyre pressure) then head home.

On getting home I’ve noticed that Sainsburys have only debited my account for £1. I’d paid £45 for the fuel. Obviously I’m concerned.

Will the funds be debited at a later time? (thinking it works this way with standard debit card) with the £1 being a cover charge?

Do I just need to ensure I have the card topped up for the eventual debit request?

I’m so used to the immediate reporting for my payments now, I didn’t assume to think this transaction would be an issue.

Many Thanks

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #2

The £1 was to check the card was valid, a lot of companies do it.

The funds will be taken in a day or two.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Usually pay the at the pump doesn’t work with Monzo cards so you’ve done well to make it that far :smile:

Since you had an active card check (the £1 charge) it sounds like you managed to find one that’s online, as opposed to offline, which explains why it worked.

Yes you will.

(Sam Macdonald) #4

This puts me at ease. Cheers lads!!