Fuel Cards

I was filling up a work vehicle using a fuel card earlier today and was curious if anyone knew how they worked? It doesn’t have a Mastercard or Visa symbol on it, other than that it looks the same as any other debit/credit card.

They also ask for your mileage when you use it. If this were using the Mastercard network I presume there would be special fields in the message to the bank/card supplier so the information can be recorded? But that doesn’t explain why it’s void of any Mastercard/Visa branding.

Can it be used to fill up in any fuel station ?

They’re normally standard EMV payments systems in the same way that Mastercard and Visa are but don’t do anything other than fuel and are normally specific to one or a small group of companies. Quite cool but extremely limited by design.


As far as I know yes.


Looks like the logo on the card is https://www.keyfuels.co.uk/cards/

What it looks like is they’ve done the heavy lifting and integrated a system into the chains and supermarket stations.

All star is owned by the same company as key fuels.

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Ahh interesting, thanks!