Pay at Pump - maximum amount/ usage limit

Hi All,

This is only really become too much of an issue recently with the ridiculous fuel prices but, as with many others, even with quarter of a tank left it’s taking well over £100 to fill up with diesel these days.

In days gone by I’d not be too bothered as £99 was enough to get by on but now it’s just about 2/3rds of a tank.

So now I’m into the realm of doing 2 transactions, the first for £99 and then a second for whatever the remainder is.

I have noticed that at ASDA and Tesco recently it’s not been allowing that. On trying to do the second transaction I get a notification along the lines of “maximum daily transaction reached”

I get the feeling from the nature of it that it’s a pump/vendor thing and not Monzo related but I’ve been having to use a second account/credit card to pay the remainder on which is makes the whole messy process even messier.

2 questions:

  1. Is there any sign on the horizon from any of the vendors that there might be an increase to the £99 limit now that it equates to not a full tank for a good portion of motorists.

  2. Is the issue with the card being used twice on the same pump something that can be addressed and who should I go to in order to get it logged?


For the meantime anyway, the only thing I could suggest doing is paying inside if the petrol garage supports it vs paying at the pump directly. It’d mean you’d have to go in twice but should negate the issue with having to use different cards. Hopefully they’ll up the limit soon enough though, I haven’t filled up my car to full for a good few months, not looking forward to it :grimacing:

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I believe this is a local issue set by the station.

To mitigate this you’d just need to fill up and pay in the kiosk.

Thanks guys, my 2 local and cheapest stations (ASDA) are both unattended sites so no option to pay inside.

The Tesco has staff on site until, I think, 6pm but I generally fill up out of hours anyway which is why it’s been noticed.
I shall have to try and change my habits to fill up during Office hours, or fill up twice as often!

Fill up when you’ve half full / empty as another workaround

You’d hope vendors will adjust soft and hard card limits with the huge rise in fuel costs. Good luck!

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Shell have increased their limit to £150 which works out. Suspect the various retailers will have to update their pre authorisation amounts soon to make sure it’s not becoming a bigger problem.

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Surely there should be a way to make people pay before fuelling their cars by inputting how much you want to use beforehand?

(Thoughts from a non car person)

Well, this is why they’re changing the rules on pay at pump (the suppliers, not the banks).

I’m a smug EVer but I remember Tesco had this.

I’m guessing £99 was the limit :thinking:

Don’t see why they couldn’t have it debit that amount and then credit back any if it stopped before this amount was filled.

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im old ennough to remember those lol

There is. Here in Spain the unattended petrol stations have pumps where you can choose to fill your tank (max €120) or select any lower amount.

Say you tapped €100 but only dispensed €50, I guess it refunds you the difference?

I still don’t understand why pay at pump have to do this at all anyway? You don’t have to pre-authorise your card for pay at the kiosk and if you fill your car up, walk into the kiosk but then can’t pay, you’re in the same amount of trouble.

Is there any evidence that pay at pump is more risky for the operator?

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Coincidentally a Monzo article, and down the bottom explains about pay at pump fuel fraud.

I would have thought with all the ANPR technology that petrol stations have now drive offs would be less … i could be wrong so i think the risk would be the same at pay at the pump as at the kiosk as i say i could be wrong

morrisons reserve 100 when you put the monzo card in and by the time im in the car its updated to the final ammount with the 100 reserve gone when the app updates

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NatWest did this last year for me. Pretty quick turnaround and the way it should be.

The difficulties the current system causes is unreal.

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I always use amex in pay at pump due to £99 holds taking days to clear and for cashback. My spending on fuel is £130 a week currently so it adds up.

I’ve never filled up past £60 so i find the £99 is too much, my local garage has pumps so old they only go up to £99.99 anyway. (Theres a notice saying so)

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I don’t travel far at all at the moment. Only ever fill up on average around £40 a month. Would be even less but I do tend to just go out for a drive even though I don’t need to, just to move the car.