From transferSantander to Monzo


My friend who has a Santander bank account. He transfer into my Monzo account this afternoon around 1pm but I haven’t received it yet

How long does it take!
Normally immediately into my Monzo account?
How long do I wait?

Please help this

Normally immediate but faster payments can take 2 hours

Your best off speaking to Santander

Ok. Thanks. I will around 3pm then if not?

Faster Payments can take up to the end of the next working day. I have a feeling that Santander won’t even start looking until closer to that point in time. :frowning:


It’s just a guide though. The person who transferred will need to check with Santander

Hr transferred faster payments around 1pm

Yes my friend sent by faster payments. Hopefully, I will get it by today.

I do this all the time. For me, it’s always been more or less immediate. Check he’s put the right details in.