Friend's balance emoji

A way to make your friend list a bit more informative and social, playful. Monzo could display an emoji representing my friends balance. Low (now I think less than £10 is considered low, crying emoji) or high (greedy emoji). If it’s high, I feel comfortable requesting money if it’s low I can offer
help (maybe my friend is having a rough month) and also avoid requesting from them. As everything I suggest don’t take it too seriously :slight_smile:

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For real ?? You think a bank should share an indication of what someones private balances are with a 3rd party ??


With a friend.

But I have to say Monzonaught, this level of transparency would make me uncomfortable. The reasons you’ve given for sharing your bank balance status are great but this information will be read into for other reasons.

The scenario you’ve described is too easy to game as well - you could just keep topping up in increments of £10 to maintain a :sob: & put your friends off asking you to pay them back…

As always, a great mockup though :+1:


This is private info and should remain that way


i actually do like the idea of that maybe not those specific emojis as it could be a way of boasting.

What about
Low: :frowning:
Average: :slightly_smiling_face:
High: :laughing:

It’s a little bit less intrusive and when it come to the whole privacy thing it could be an opt in option so it would only happen if you were happy to show friend this info.

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You also have to consider the amount and value of commitments each person has. In the above suggestion, a person might be indicated as “wealthy” (:laughing: or :money_mouth:) but actually may have a very high value of commitments meaning they wouldn’t be able to spare much if anything at all.

I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable if this information was shared automatically. Ideally you should have the option to share with those you trust to know your balance, but then it adds another level to the UI and another setting. As a compromise you could enable/disable it for sharing with everyone from your profile page, although I expect pretty much everyone who wouldn’t fall into the “poor” bracket (:cry:) would probably want this disabled. If you’re poor, then you might want your friends and family to know so they can send you lots of money.


I think anything linked to balance is a bit risky, how about an icon/status chosen by them?

:dollar: Feeling generous
:slight_smile: Happy for requests
:warning: Check with me
:no_entry: No requests please
:no_entry_sign: Payments disabled

Or types of payments/requests expected:

:hamburger: :pizza: :beers:

:pizza: :blue_car:


That’s even better! :mondo:


Wow, this is extremely cool. I really like how it follows Snapchat (probably the gold standard of this kind of thing right now).

Thanks a lot for sharing these ideas :heart_eyes:


Alright this is a way better idea.

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Looks like how I imagine sugar daddy dating sites profiles are laid out…