Payment with Friends privacy concern

Just so you know, if you enable Payment with Friends it let’s anyone with a Monzo Account know that you bank with Monzo, funny such a think is under Privacy options.
Needs work…

That’s pretty clear when you turn the feature on. Why is this a privacy concern to you @SnogNasty?


That amounts to “If you turn this feature on it does exactly what it is designed to do.”

If you have privacy concerns, don’t turn it on.

I’m not sure where the problem is here :man_shrugging:


faux outrage


Anyone with a Monzo account who already has you as a contact in their address book with your phone number and that you therefore already have an existing relationship with.

You missed a key part there :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, anyone anywhere who sees you with a coral card knows you bank with Monzo.

Also, anyone anywhere who sees you with any bank card knows you bank with that bank.

Also, anyone you’ve ever sent an email to, can forward your email address to anyone else in the world.

Also, anyone who has your phone number can upload it to Facebook without your permission.


So don’t turn on the feature.

Or give anyone your sort code because people can find out who you bank with using that.


If you must, so what other private details would you like to share with anyone who uses your bank?

I have other bank accounts with Apps, I can BACs easily with other bank users but until I do so they have no idea who I bank with

True, just saying

If you chose to show them

Forgive me but I didn’t realise FB was a bank

A bit like “if you choose to turn on payments with friends” that, isn’t it?

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I think you miss my point


Oh thank you for a weird graphic of a bloke with a phone

Hey that’s your option but please don’t get abusive on an open forum


Thing is you do have complete control. If you want to make use of the feature then turn it on. It gives you the appropriate warning before you switch it on.

If you’re concerned then it’s off by default so don’t turn it on or turn it back off.

This is a little like calling up BT and complaining that your BT hub is telling all your neighbours that you have BT broadband.


Still curious to what the ‘concern’ is. Some people might know I have a Monzo account. So what?


Agreed, but it is not necessary to show everyone who has a Monzo account and may have your phone number that you have a Monzo account, that is my point even though many keyboard warriors on this forum seem to have missed it.
Apologies if not clear.
Calling me an idiot not necessary though although shows the lack of manners of some on here :roll_eyes: