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Sometimes I try to help my friends send me money but it is awkward when I see their balance and realise maybe I shouldn’t ask for the money. There should be a way that you can hide the balance whilst someone helps you

I’m not really sure what you mean. Is it simply a matter of not looking over their shoulder at a screen with the balance on?

Sending money to another Monzo user is a really basic function of the app - if they genuinely need help with this (and if it is widespread, not just limited to your friends), is there an onboarding and tour process to show users how to complete common tasks?

Did the help topic in app not help them?

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I’d be interested to know how often people read the help articles before posting on the forum or starting a support chat. I forget they are there but if I remember right you get a prompt when starting a chat.


I think the OP is trying to help them find the right screen first. Which might be why it is hard for them to avoid seeing the balance.

I can understand where they’re coming from, I think, from remembering days of having to be ‘tech support’ for relatives who wouldn’t even understand how to ‘double-click’ or something. :grimacing:

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Ah makes sense!

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This has been requested before.

I find it awkward on the tube when I am doing things within the app and my balance is front and centre in 38pt font. I rarely if ever am opening the app to check my balance. I’d suggest blurring out the balance until it is tapped. Similar to the magic ink effect on iMessage.

This is exactly what I mean

Many people don’t look at the help files and simply ask a friend next to them who is also on Monzo to show them how to send money or request money because this is not a normal feature at any other bank. This means when helping I see all of their balances and pots depending on how much they like to swipe around before letting me take over as their tech support.

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