Frequency of authentication by email

(Justin) #1


I’ve been using the app since January, and use my card as much as possible to explore as much of the app’s functionality as I can. Until recently, it was a joy to use. The notifications are very useful, particularly when buying online or other situations such as paying for a round in crowded pub when you often don’t get to see your receipt.

Touch ID added a layer of security that I felt comfortable with. It took marginally longer to open the app, but it seemed like a good trade-off. However, I’m now asked to authenticate by email almost every time I open the app. Last night I was asked to authenticate via email, so decided not to bother until this morning. When I tried this morning, I was asked again to authenticate by email, and again less than 15 mins later after switching to another app.

This has turned a great app into one that’s a struggle to use, and as a result I log in much less often than before because it’s a hassle, takes longer, and when my Yahoo email account is working slowly, sometimes stops me altogether from logging in.

Is there a balance that could be struck that would be kinder to the customer? Logging into the apps of most of the legacy banks is now relatively friction-free, and I feel this is an area in which Monzo should be leading rather than trailing. Do other customers report similar frustration, or is the app on my device perhaps playing up and this is unexpected behaviour? Either way, let me know if I can help you to identify an issue.

Probably worth mentioning too: I had chosen to log in with Touch ID, but that setting seems to periodically reset itself when the app is updated - which makes the app feel inherently less secure.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Fortunately this bug doesn’t affect me (I’m using the beta version of iOS 10 & have only had to sign back in once, after an app update) but the good news is this is being worked on

Yesterday 30/8

ps if you’re using Testflight, Richard has the explanation & solution for the issue

(Justin) #3


Thank you for your response to my post. I had searched the Community for a solution, but hadn’t come across Richard’s workaround.

I have been using the TestFlight versions - currently on 1.6.3, but have been experiencing the issue for a couple of weeks at least.

I’ve now removed the Today widget, and will report back. Thanks again!


I’ve just been able to log into the app and not use touch ID, even though I had opted for that and it used to work previously.

Just had a look and Touch ID was set to off, even though I hadn’t turned it off. Have switched it back on, gone to the home screen, then back to the app and it works as expected.

(Justin) #5

I’ve now been able to log in several times without being asked to re-authenticate by email - using the workaround suggested by Richard / Alexs. Glad this was only a bug and not intended functionality.

Thank you for your help!

(Justin) #6

All, the latest Beta release 1.6.3 also appears to be have resolved the issue.

Thanks again for reacting so fast!:grinning: