Slow reciept of email to log in

I’m new to Monzo, but i find the slow reciept of emails to log in to the app rather irritating. Is it an issue the email account, or at Monzo’s end?

It’s hard to say, as it could be a bit of both.

However you should only be doing this once, for the initial setup on your phone.

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Hi Ben & welcome :wave:

Usually, the emails Monzo sends with the magic link (to tap on to get into the app) arrive pretty quickly. They’ve been almost instantaneous in my experience - to Gmail (via GMX with complex filtering) and also

What email service do you use?

Quick question, are you logging out of the app every time you finish using it?

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Hi Davidwalton,
I’m useing Yahoo at present. I did have the same issue with gmail. Perhaps i’m doing something wrong?

Hi RichardL, yes, i am logging out each time.

The only time I ever log out is when I want to update the app , I am quite comfortable with having to provide a PIN when Im transferring money out of the account , and using fingerprint log in to get into the app, …dont know whether you receive spending notifications when you are logged out of the app ??

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That’ll be your issue then. The app isn’t really designed for you to log out every time. Most customers don’t log out each time for ease of access and instead have a screen lock on their phone. You can’t move money out of the account without either a pin number or biometrics so your money is safe.

If you’re understandably still worried a better solution is to not log out, but instead use biometrics to log into the app.

From the main screen tap your profile picture in the top left, then the cog in the top right. Go to privacy and security then switch on the ‘Unlock app with biometrics’ toggle.
Once done your app will be secure without having to log out.


there is a way of finding out why the email is slow arriving. it requires you to find the headers of the email (will require some knowledge) and putting them into something like

This will give you a timeline of which email servers processed the email and whether there is something delaying it (sometimes spam filters or just overloaded servers can cause email delays)

Hi RichardL,
Now i understand! It’s just that i have been used to allways logging out of a banking app.
Thank you for your help. I’ll certainly try the biometric option.


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