Freeze card BUT NOT ON PHONE

My Nationwide acc lets me freeze card, but most importantly i can still use card on my phone.
i think this is the best as if you misplace your card you can freeze if to be safe but still use your acc.

You can vote for it here:



So what happens if you’re battery runs out or you go to pay for something that is over £30 and the merchant limits phone based payments to £30, like Tesco do.

You would need another form of payment.

there is no perfect sultion but its better than loosing your card and then have no way to spend, when your phone is in your pocket - that you could have used if only it worked.

and yes you could unfreeze then refreeze, but risk your actual card being used if lost / stolen.

there is no perfect way round.

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I never carry my physical card. I have a twenty in the back of my phone for emergencies, but every now and then I will want to use my physical card (like get cash). I should be able to leave it frozen, knowing it’s entirely safe, and only defrost it when I need to, leaving my apple pay working.

This works whilst waiting for your card to arrive and before it’s activated, so clearly it’s possible.