The feathered variety :upside_down_face:

Bought a bird feeder about 3 weeks ago, thought I’d help the feathered friends.

Taken them 2 weeks to discover it and start showing up. A wood pigeon found it 1st, and then a magpie. Most days there’s a queue of birds sitting on rooftops, phone line cables, or fences waiting for a space :joy:

Tends to mainly be the bigger birds which turn up, so far it’s been Wood Pidgeons, Collared Doves, Magpies, Black Birds.

The smaller birds have just started coming around, all I’ve seen at the moment is Wren’s and a Robin.

Also had 2 squirrels stuffing themselves silly.

What visitors do you get? If you’ve got food out for them.

In my experience it’s game over when this happens. Many squirrels will come now taking the whole lot to either eat or stash away and you’ll rarely see any birds.

They’re rats with bushy tails in my opinion. They chew through everything and are mega greedy.

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I love squirrels the more the merrier :joy:

They’ve got a tray on the floor which keeps them occupied, the birds tend to just visit the ones on the pole or the tray if it’s not got any visitors and the rest of the feeders are busy.

There’s an old tip on the end of my street. Well when I say that it’s about 100 foot down in the valley. The squirrels come from down there, they must scale the walls scouting for food. I’d seen one last year but hadn’t realised they climb up on a regular basis.

Our bird feeder’s just come out too. It’s usually sparrows and the odd blue tit and robin. Pigeons and magpies are a bit too big to use the feeders so instead peck away at whatever falls down (and the plants)

The only bit I’m dreading is the bird poo everywhere

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I’ve not actually noticed any bird :poop: as yet.

On the pole I’ve got one of those flat trays attached, all the big ones either use that or the ground feeder.

It’s funny watching the big ones trying to use the feeders, they soon realise it’s not possible to land and feed on those.

I hate them :rofl:

They run along the top of our fences at either side of the property to get to the bird feeder. But along the way they stop to leave a huge :poop: which would probably work as some anti-climb thief deterrent but generally it isn’t nice.

We also have an old shed that they’ve managed to chew their way into. Pretty much every sort of bag has a hole in it now and everytime I open the door at least one comes leaping out and scares the life out of me.

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Just saying thanks for the accommodation :sweat_smile:, I’m lucky that it’s just a concrete and brick jungle around here. They’ll fill up and then go back to the wooded area they came from.

If you want goldfinches, get some sunflower hearts in your feeder. My parents often put sunflower hearts in one of their feeders - I’ve seen upwards of a dozen goldfinches on it at the same time.

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I’ll add those to my next order :+1:

Neighbour’s cats sleep on my patio as they now got a dog too.

No birds now. Obviously :joy:

Used to get finches.


I live on the outskirts, so not too far from the countryside. I’ve hung a couple of feeders - one with sunflower hearts and the other with nijer seed.

The birds took less than 24 hours to discover them and I get flocks of goldfinch on the nijer feeder and other finches, tits (blue, great, coal and long-tailed) and the occasional woodpecker on the hearts.

I also get wood pigeons (who doesn’t - waddling fat buggers) that crap all over the patio and hedge sparrows waiting for bits to drop.

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I’ve got a fat one and a skinny one :joy: they are so gormless

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Regarding squirrels - I’ve got supposedly squirrel-proof feeders (metal and glass) and they do appear to work. The squirrels decided it wasn’t worth the bother quite quickly.

I’ve got a small flock of Starlings which turn up everyday, absolute chaos when they arrive. About 20 at a time, they are very loud and pretty much clear the feeders in next to no time. The noise attracts all the other birds too.

Sneaky pic from behind the blinds :joy: most have gone now must be bed time to get away from the snow



I’ve got three crows that hang around regularly in our communal parking area.

I’m desperate to befriend them.


Dude! We have the exact same bird feeding contraption!

We mostly get sparrows and hooded crows. If we’re really lucky we’ll see a sea eagle, but they don’t come too close.

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I’m going to try and get a video of the starlings tomorrow. I’ll pull the blind up early and then when I can hear the chaos it’ll be time to point the phone at them.

So far I’ve had, wood pigeons, collared doves, magpies, crows, a robin, house sparrows and then the starlings. They’re the craziest visitors I’ve had so far out of the lot of them. Oh and then those couple of squirrels.

I’ve been reading up about all my visitors today to find out more about them.

There’s a lot of seagulls about a few streets down but they don’t come to my yard luckily. Wouldn’t really want those about.

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Ah Seagulls! Those are terrifying. Very territorial. They’re quite rare throughout most of the year, but they do nest somewhere nearby in mating season.

I’ve seen them try to hunt my cats and dive bomb at them from the top of lampposts. Usually it’s the cats that hunt the birds, but Seagulls flip the tables on the cats, they’re fearless, and rightly so.

We also have (I think) geese in the fields with the cows. Not entirely sure what sort of birds they are but they remind me of the gallimimus from Jurassic Park, from a distance, the way the walk and flock.

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if you want goldfinches, you can get some special feeders for a few quid on amazon pre-filled with tiny niger seeds - they need hanging in a tree, and after a week or two you will have goldfinches! other than that, I feed pigeons, collar doves, tens of sparrows, blue tits, the occasional great tit, blackbirds, robins, chaffinch, flocks of starlings, magpies. every now and then a sparrowhawk swoops in and steals a sparrow. one of the nicest things is to provide a water bath, the sparrows love it and are always in there, often several at a time - very cute.


It took 2-3 days here - hung a nijer feeder outside the window and they were all over it :slight_smile: