Sticker charity give-away

I have a few Monzo stickers available to anybody who wants them on a first come, first serve basis. All I ask is a small donation to the RSPB and you sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to me - this is so I can send it back to you. Drop me a message if interested! Don’t donate until I’ve confirmed you’re one of the first few who’ve messaged and you’ll be getting one (unless you want to donate generally, of course!). I have two of each of the below stickers that I got from a Birmingham event a few years ago.


Nice touch with the donation. But can I ask why the RSPB? Are you a keen bird watcher? Nothing against them of course, just curious why you chose them.

Maybe it’s his RSPCA :eyes: :shushing_face:


Very nice touch - for me personally as a keen equestrian - it would be the BHS :smiley: - Everyone has their own personal choices

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RSPB is close to my heart. I am indeed a keen birdwatcher :slight_smile:


Bump on this - all still available. Thanks!

Bump on this - all still available. If nobody wants them, they’ll likely be disposed of. Thanks! :smile:

Doesn’t look like there’s any interest so I’ll dispose of them. Shame really!