So I came across this little chap/lady chap in my garden, I thought it was odd for them to be out in the day time and it looks a little worse for wear.

Does anyone have any experience with hedge hogs, initial inter web search says it is very unusual for them to be out and about and definitely should not be sleeping on my lawn.

I built a little house but any advice would be welcome.

image image image


This is what you need


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They definitely seem underweight to me (though my hog knowledge is limited).

I’d phone the vet for advice. Maybe it’s home was damaged and it’s a bit lost

Good call. When I get home I will call them.

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If you do try to pick it up (to take it to the vet), either do it in the box or wear gloves.

they are known flea carriers.

As if you want to give it food/water, I seem to remember them eating our dog food (back when I lived in the countryside)

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How is it now?

Asleep, on the lawn, I put a little blanket on it.

We spoke to the rspca and they are paying for it to go to the vet tomorrow to check it over, fingers crossed for the little hog.


Putting a blanket on it is the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever heard

Please keep updating us on Sonic’s condition

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Update tomorrow

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So apparently it is a baby boy, clearly parents not around anymore (bless) and too young to look after himself.

We took him to the vet, they will feed him and look after him then put him with a shelter over winter.


If it turns out you need to look after this sleepy baby forever… do let us know where to send donations! Will send tenners in exchange for pics! :heart_eyes:

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Sadly i doubt we will see it ever again, it will be sent to a new home :sob:

Glad there’s a happy ending!! Please sneak a couple more pics before he goes!


He’s gone now unfortunately. :frowning: