Free £10 Uber Eats with Monzo (No min spend)

Found on Reddit - Credit to Original Poster.

Basically, enter promo code 10OFFMASTERCARD when ordering with Monzo. No minimum spend.

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Sadly you can’t use it on a preexisting account. Even if you’ve never used a Mastercard on there :frowning:

There’s also “FREEMASTERCARD” and “MASTERCARDFREE”, the former being “unlimited”, and the latter was supposed to be usable for up to 3 orders. However they have an issue with their promo codes anyway, as none of them can actually be used more than once. You have to ask support once your order has been delivered to adjust the final price.


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I used this code the other day but it didn’t work for my partner. Apparently the offer is linked to certain accounts and you can’t use the code if you didn’t receive the email with it in. That is what I was told anyway.

Anyone with an existing account usually can’t use promotions so I don’t even bother :frowning:

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same :’(

It works. But with different code ‘GETMASTERCARD’. You need to pay with ANY MasterCard. Not only that one from Monzo. :slight_smile: Screenshot_20181209-002617

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