Use uber? Grab 20% off courtesy of Mastercard

(jeno) #1

Travel a lot using Uber to whisk you away from A to B?

Enter the code MASTERCARD205 in your Uber app and switch your payment to MasterCard (Mondo card) to get up to 20% off your next 5 rides when taken before Friday, July 1st.

N.B. Just sharing (nothing in it for me) and I can’t guarantee it will work on your uber account. Using it on my uber account and it’s limited to 5 transactions/ride until 1st July. T&Cs apply, contact uber for more details, etc

(Terry) #2

Thanks ill have to try this tonight :slight_smile:

(Will Stanley) #3

It works for me


Excellent, you can also add it via on the desktop site.

(Herp Derp) #5

Worked for me, cheers

(Jon Crozier) #6

Brilliant, thank you! Off to Sweden tomorrow and I’ll defiantly use this.
Code worked first time. :+1::red_car:

(tom) #7

I’ve just used this successfully. I wonder if all Mondo users who also use Uber would like to see this code?

And how do you think we should send it? As a feed-item in the app? Or via email?

Spam vs saving money


If someone has linked their Uber account to their Mondo card it could be notification at the top of their feed. They’d need to open the app to see it.

(James Billingham) #9

Would be a good candidate for sending via Intercom, with a thumbs up/down response allowing the person to choose whether they’d like to receive similar notifications in the future.

(Herp Derp) #10

Just got an E-Mail with the code from Mondo… went straight into my spam folder :smile:

Been whitelisted now

(Tristan Thomas) #11

Boo about spam folder :cry: If anyone else sees it there, marking Not Spam would be much appreciated

(Stuart Cameron) #12

I didn’t get an email… (or are they still coming?)

(Tristan Thomas) #13

They’ll only have gone to people who used Uber recently at this stage to avoid annoying people and make it genuinely useful :slight_smile:

(Herp Derp) #14

I did mark and report as not junk

FYI I use O365

(nick.haley) #15

is it working abroad, just checking what that ‘united kingdom’ bit means. I am off to LA.

(jeno) #16

Hey all!
Currently in sunny Florida - so didn’t get all the notifications until now. Thanks for sending out the code via email blast team Mondo. Gmail & Office 365 have the toughest spam filters. I’m so glad everyone is finding/will find it useful!
Too bad the code only works for Uber trips within the UK :wink:

(jeno) #17

Good segmentation list rules @tristan!

(Will Stanley) #18

Awesome. This is exactly why I :heart:️ mondo

(Jon Crozier) #19

Activated this code successfully before my trip to Sweden but didn’t apply when I took a uber ride over there. I have contacted Uber to ask why, I’ll see what they come back with…

(Herp Derp) #20

I’ve used all my trips already :frowning:

Gonna see if I can reuse it :sunglasses: