Fraudulent flex charges

Yesterday I had two charges on my flex for the same amount shortly after a failed transaction on my personal account due to insufficient funds.

I’ve reported fraud on the failed transaction, but I can’t select flex transactions in fraud reports. Flex transactions also don’t show up in the transaction help section.

These payments in question are to AWS and I’ve made sure my monzo cards aren’t on my AWS account. So it can’t link to me on that side.

How do you link flex transactions to fraud? I’ve not even selected a plan for them yet as that feels like it’s accepting that they’re authorised.

Help > Contacting support > chat with us

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Is there no “Something Wrong? Get help” button? I can see that on mine, but if it only appears once you’ve chosen a plan it does seem like an oversight.

I wondered where that option had gone! Not needed chat support for a long time. Thank you!

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