Fraud refund

Good night, A value of £ 179.46 was raised from my account, not made by me, nobody has access to my data or my card, please, you need to know what is going on and open an investigation. the movements in this photo were not made by me.

Have you not got a DD set up to pay your British Gas?

This is a community forum so no one here can help you.

You can report them to Monzo in each of the transactions by hitting ‘Something wrong? Get help’. It will guide you through the process of reporting it.


I didn’t know you can set your account to show commas over decimal points. Does Monzo just use the phone settings?

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Yeah I’ll get help through the app, also check your credit file for anything you don’t notice.

Thank you so much for trying to help

Tap on the ‘British Gas - 179,46’ transaction, scroll to the bottom and tap on ‘SOMETHING WRONG? GET HELP’ in-app.

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Thank you for showing the way

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