Fraud Push Payment

A month ago my husband and I got scam on asking to pre auth our card for our accommodation.

After the scammers acting like the hotel reservation staff, trying to contacted me on WhatsApp and I asked to please messaged me on The hackers immediately use the hotel account to messaged us and provide a link with a platform to preauthorise the card. Unfortunately we fill the form and our money was taken.
We immediately call Monzo to stop the payment straight away and the said is has to be done on the chat.

The investigation is still going on (5weeks since this happened) is saying that they will cover the loses if Monzo is getting back to us saying they are unable to recover the funds.

The communication with Monzo is being a nightmare, we got a reply from robots saying that our message is on queue or is been prioritised. We can’t really talk to the fraud team. We also asked to get a chargeback through Mastercard but again the replies we are getting are from robots.

We are reaching a point of frustration here, all I need from monzo is an email saying they are not able to recover our money.

Or raise a chargeback with Mastercard.

I don’t understand why all of this has been so difficult.

Hi Fabimuse and welcome :wave:

Sorry to hear about what happened, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can chip in but all I can really add is to be patient. I know these things can sadly take some time.

I don’t believe in this case a chargeback would be the next course, that would typically be in the instance of paying for goods that you haven’t received. In this case it sadly sounds like you ended up paying some scammers somewhere vs paying for a product or service so Monzo (and booking) will need time to complete their investigations.

I can sympothise around the chat, it’s really poor in instances like this. Please let us know how you get on!

Hi, thanks for replying. I was thinking maybe chargedback will cover us as this service was never provided. I don’t understand why Monzo is being so difficult in terms of an update or a reply, booking is offer to cover the lost but we need an email from Monzo stating they are not able to recover the funds. It’s literally an email away for us to be able to recover our lost.

It’s going to be 2 months next week… and this situation is so frustrating.

So chargeback, as I understand it in this context, would only apply if you had booked with booking direct and not received the hotel as a result. In this case it’s not a non retrieval of service, it’s a fraud.

So you need to be asking Monzo specifically for this (you might have already)

And you’ve not had this resolved by Monzo or any form of final response? If you haven’t already complained absolutely do so, this is appalling service

We did indeed but again a robot is replying saying we are placed on a queue. Then ignored message and next day another message saying they will keep us updated.

We didn’t have a final response, we submitted an official complaint and again the response is they are looking into it and apologising.

My question here is why they are not keeping us update or even follow up with us.

Honestly I really don’t know what to do, we can’t even speak with anyone over the phone as the costumer service team can’t really transfer you to the fraud team.

We complained to the financial ombudsman service last week, so hopefully they are able to help.

You said it’s been going on 2 months? So they should now be close to either resolving it or issuing a final response. They’re close to timescales but not over them

All they will do is tell you to speak to Monzo, you’ll need to wait for the Final Response letter. Also their timescales are super whack currently, so definitely keep pushing Monzo for a resolution.

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The time limit for Monzo to resolve a complaint is eight weeks. If there’s been no resolution in eight weeks, the ombudsman will consider a complaint.

It depends on whether the actual complaint was was made in the last eight weeks, or whether the OP was just complaining.

Any idea how can we contact monzo about an update? We are still waiting from the fraud team.

Fraud investigations can take time - especially if they’re liaising with a 3rd party, or even having to open criminal cases to chase down the money etc.

Unfortunately, you can’t hurry the process, and the update you’ll receive will be “no update at the moment please hold tight”.

Your alternative is to raise a complaint due to it taking so long - if you want! :slight_smile: You can do that through chat.

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You can contact Monzo by phone, email, or (preferably) in app.

I wouldn’t anticipate anything more than a generic reply, though.

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