Fraud or a delay in transactions?

Does anyone know if monzo has a delay for some transactions? I had a notification yesterday that i had bought a coffee from the work shop, but i hadn’t. And I hadn’t been to that shop since the 25th September, so surely that’s not right? I reported it as fraud and blocked the card but today I’ve just a notification that I’ve used my card on the bus, but its blocked and i haven’t used it! Both of these are transactions that could be me, but aren’t. And I’m a bit concerned that even after my card has been blocked it was still used today.
Does anyone have an idea of what could be happening?
Thanks in advance!

Quite likely a delayed presentment.

Some merchants, like being on a plane; can’t collect there and then as it’s offline, and collect it when they connect up the terminal to the appropriate system and processes all the transactions then.

Could also be you did pay at the time, but the merchant didn’t collect the funds, it refunded at some point, and the merchant has come to collect it.

So quite likely not fraud, just a delayed presentment.


Thabks for replying, thats reassuring. Its still happening even though my card is blocked. Its just unusual because i do buy from these places (bus and cafe!) And have never had an issue before. Normally its instant.

Very odd.

But thank you for replying.

Bus can take a while too as they usually take 10p or similar at the start and charge the journey same day or a bit later.

Monzo will respond in time to explain.

If you did initially pay and it’s a delayed presentment, it can still be taken with a frozen card because it’s already authorised and they just send the payment amount through Mastercard against the initial auth.

It’s not taking fresh payments, just collecting what’s due.

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Stagecoach transactions usually delay to apprear a few hours on my Starting account :grimacing:

Sometimes, it shows up next day :flushed:

But never had delay of more than 2 days, on any of my accounts, regardless merchant :sweat_smile:

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