Forza Horizon 4 expansion

(Simmy) #1

Bought fortune island a few weeks back and think it is brilliant
They are releasing a new expansion pack out soon!

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Bin ur xbox its rubbish :joy::joy::joy:

I would say the same about Android as love iPhones now, but used to mod my Andriod phone and ripped people using iphones :joy:

(Andy Hughes) #3

I’ve only just started investing any time in Horizons 2 and realized how awesome it is. Sadly none of the purchases or anything seem to work anymore though.

(Gareth) #4

All the licences for cars etc. ran out so they have delisted the game and DLC

Big horizon fan here

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(Andy Hughes) #5

Oh no, that’s sad news for me! Guess I’ll have to buy a newer game (what a shame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

(Simmy) #6

We need more drag racing in Horizon 4

(Joe) #7