Forza Horizon 5

Anyone excited for this game ? Some gameplay has been posted on YouTube…

FH4 and FM7 were awesome with a steering wheel too.



FH3 (Australia) was amazing in terms of free-roam. FH4 (England/Scotland) was amazing for graphics but I felt it lost something with the overall gameplay. Probably caused by the very cartoonish ‘loading’ and ‘wrap-up’ routines. Hope FH5 returns to realism overall.


Considering it’s going to be included with Game Pass Ultimate for £15 a month, I think it’s pretty good value, considering the standard edition game is £55

This sums up my experience. I absolutely loved horizon 3. Sunk a tonne of hours into it and spent the time discovering all the roads and photo spots. Had a blast.

Thought I’d feel the same way about horizon 4, but some of the magic was lost and I couldn’t quite get into it.

Excited for horizon 5 and hope it brings back the magic 3 had.

£10.99! So even better value! TBH I wish they’d put the price up a bit and start including the DLCs.


Been playing a little FH4 and while it’s fun for the odd 30 min racing sessoin (and looks fantastic) I don’t mind it that compelling.

I really can’t put my finger on exactly what Horizon 3 had that Horizon 4 was missing that just didn’t hook me into it properly.

I’ve seen it suggested that it’s because it’s based on where I live, so isn’t as exciting or invigorating to explore, and exploration is the most important aspect of open world games that needs to be done right. I’m not sure though, because the latest Pokémon games were based on the UK too, and they drew me in just as effectively as any Pokémon game that came before it, if not more so.

I did not realise they’d brought the price down, IIRC it used to be £15 and that gave you xbox live too

Ultimate has always been £10.99 since it launched! Still includes Xbox live gold. You must be thinking of the dollar price which is $14.99 :laughing:

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Hope it has steering wheel and pedal support too.

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It should do, for PC at least

" The map is 1.5 times bigger than the Forza horizon 4 map "

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Will be released Saturday ( 9th November 2021 )

I think it’s 9th November sadly!

Ah crap I got it wrong. Post edited

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Haha I got really excited for a second but then double checked 🥲