Fortnite is officially now a high school and college sport in the US

In your face, gym teachers! :joy:

Seriously though, I think this is a really cool move. My issue with sports and physical education, as explained by Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers, is that the arbitrary “cut-off” dates for entrance into any given school year favours people who were born right after the cut off date, which means that there is potentially an entire year difference in physical growth development between two students in the same year and anywhere in between, leading to a significant biological advantage for some and disadvantage for others.
As I recall, the studies showed that that largely contributed to which students excelled at physical sport, and there was a huge correlation in the birthdays of many professional athletes because of this.

Obviously, this does not apply to e-sports, and with the huge revenue opportunities now available to competitive e-sports players, this now levels the playing field. I’d like to see this lead into e-sports scholarships like we see with more traditional sports.


Personally(I’m an avid fan of the LOL esports scene) I hope that this is delivered with an integrated package of health and wellbeing given the reports of how bad esports can be for the body

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True - but remember that’s not limited to e-sports. Many traditional sports are incredibly bad for one’s health, such as boxing, or have a high level of risk like any form of motor racing. I agree it should be taken into account.

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American Football probably has a worse record then boxing and that is very widely played in the US.

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That’s probably because there is more peoplewho play football than people who box.

Another kick in the teeth for the view that sports at school encourages a healthy lifestyle.