Sony to launch PS4 tournament cash prizes

Starting with Mortal Kombat 11. I should get my nephew to enter, he’s great at that game.

If they did an Uncharted 4 multiplayer tournament I’d be in :wink:


3 new non-Monzo topics in the last 20 minutes - certainly seems like someone wants to steer the attention away from the security issue

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Thought the same :joy:

But Simon often does post lots of tech articles at once,

Also I think the long off topic (ish) thread has done the job for him.


It looks like e-sports is starting to get a lot more serious with the main stream.

I stayed at the Luxor in Vegas a few months ago, and they have a huge e-sports arena there now. I’m so bad at Fortnite and games like that, but it was pretty impressive to see how seriously it gets taken now. I think Ninja had been there not long before I was there for a tournament.

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I’ve still not tried Fortnite - I’m terrible at esports games. I love a ‘story’ game more than competitive. I don’t think I’ve ever been good at an online game.


I’m more or less the same - tend to like RPG/adventure stuff.
Uncharted is the only recent multiplayer online that I’ve been able to get into.

I think I don’t have the patience for Fortnite or PUBG type stuff, as a new player. I tried both a few times, got killed fairly quickly, and then got bored of waiting to get put into the next game.

I’m sure once you get past that point, and are good enough to survive long enough to have a fighting chance, it’s probably much better.

I’m good enough at Mortal Kombat / Tekken / Soul Calibur / Street Fighter type games to enjoy the single player mode and have fun playing against friends, but I’d probably get slaughtered if I played online with them or in a tournament. People seem to be able to memorise far longer combos than I’m able to!

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I love Uncharted but I didn’t even realise there was an online multiplayer for it. I really hope there’s a new one in the works, though.

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If you have Uncharted 4 or Lost Legacy, you can access the online multiplayer on PS4 - it’s the same multiplayer for both.
Not on the older games (1-3) which were ported over, though.

Naughty Dog have said they’re done with Uncharted, but there were rumours another studio could get the IP and do something with it. It’s possible ND might change their mind. I think for the last few years they’ve just been putting every resource possible into The Last of Us Part II, which I think could possibly dwarf everything they’ve ever done put together in terms of scope and budget. It certainly seems like that’s the case.

There’s also the Uncharted movie coming out, and if that’s a huge success I think Sony would certainly want the franchise to continue.

Wasn’t aware of the movie, I’ll be looking forward to that. I got my hopes up for the new Tomb Raider movie though and was really disappointed. Game-movies can be really hit or miss

You mentioned the last of us 2, any news on when that’s coming? It’s been too long, though I’m sure worth the wait

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Still unknown, unfortunately.

It’s pushing on 3 years since they announced it, so I would imagine it’s got to be finished by now and going through very thorough QA testing.

There were some rumours about a Feb 2020 release.

It seems quite likely to be one the last major PS4 games before Sony start the full on push for PS5.

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