Fortnite Fans?

Just started playing fortnite on the switch, played 3 games and won 2 of them.

Do they match you accordingly with people of a similar experience level? As it does seem quite easy…
You just collect items, avoid the storm, and try to survive, right ?

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3rd google result. It’s not hard to find info on Fortnite on the internet as it’s very popular.


They don’t, but a few months ago they began inserting bots into the game. The player-base was dwindling significantly and to ensure people weren’t having to wait ages to roll into games, they decided to add computer controlled opponents when they couldn’t get a game up to 100ish real players.

This has had the impact of making the game significantly easier. Prior to them adding bots I had won around 15 games out of many hundreds over the course of about a year. Then after they added bots, I won 10 out of the next 12 games I played.

It’s still a laugh to play, but sadly it doesn’t have that brutal level of difficulty anymore.

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It’s great. But don’t play on Android whatever you do… Nin-Switch is OK, but consoles give a better experience. A dedicated PC gaming rig is needed if you are serious.

Yes, especially for a free game
If you like survival/adventure games then you’ll love it

I play it on my iPad Pro with my PS4 controller. It’s brilliant with the 120fps.

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You played it a year ago! And what’s with the random links in your posts, are you a bot?!