Following users in the forum

It would be super cool if we could ‘follow’ users in the forum and get a notification when they make a new post and/or topic. Some users (like @Naji and @alexs) always make fantastic posts and I wouldn’t want to miss something they said :smile:


+1 for this!
(Although wouldn’t trust @alexs :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: )

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This is a cool idea, there’s definitely a few users that I’d like to follow too :eyes:

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this functionality has been built into Discourse though (the platform which this site is built on top of) & the creators of Discourse don’t seem to like the idea -

so you’d have to add your vote to that topic, if you want to push for this. In the meantime, there’s some useful tips in that thread too.

PS - I also write terrible posts sometimes :wink: but thanks :blush:

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Agree. The word of @alexs is as good as the Gospel of Monzo