Flying with easyJet


Declined again on our inbound flight from Dalaman last night. Lee, the rather rude cabin supervisor said he’d not been told and so I couldn’t pay using Monzo. No, sir it’s pre paid, I’m not accepting it. Despite pointing out the ‘debit’ logo on the reverse.

Again, good job we had a back up card as I was parched!


I’d complain.

They’re refusing to accept a valid card. Providing poor service by being rude. And continuing misleading claims about a product.

They should be accepting prepaid cards anyway. It doesn’t make a difference.


Wasn’t the issue that they were accepting Monzo pre paid cards, but by the time they went to process it, the account was empty and they had a struggle getting paid?

Or have I made that up?


Oh possibly. :thinking:

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That was the forum myth that Rika shot down

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I want to start drinking and then offer payment by Monzo. If they still insist on refusing it, it’s “Thanks for the free drinks, Rude Lee!”