Flying with easyJet


Technically you can’t “steal” by freezing a card anyway, prepaid or not. If the card is offline-capable the transaction will go through once presented even if the card was frozen.

They can of course not get paid if the transaction is later disputed for fraud reasons, but this is a risk with all cards and has nothing to do with freezing.

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A lot of airlines are using authorisation deferral though, not processing them as an offline transaction.



What’s authorisation deferral?



Essentially where they store up all the card information and then send each card for authorisation. This is different from an offline transaction (where the chip generates an authorisation code) as the issuer can’t decline these transactions.


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I’ve used my card on easyJet flights plenty of times in the past with no issues however on a recent flight back from Iceland my card crashed their machine twice. I tried with a MasterCard credit card too which for some reason declined despite having plenty of available balance but didn’t crash the machine. The third card I tried, a Visa Debit worked fine.
Staff member blamed their ancient terminals, we even joked that even Ryanair have the ability to accept contactless.



Sounds like manual imprinters would be more reliable than those heaps of junk.



That was never quite true:


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Just to update this topic (maybe for the last time :+1:).

On my flight this morning, the crew stated that their preferred method of payment is by card, and that they now accepted contactless and Apple Pay!


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Hi all,

I am an employee at easyJet so hopefully can shed light on new things.

As a company we have just switched to new ePos devices meaning that the transactions are faster and can also accept Apple Pay/Android Pay/Contactless.

Also, the guidance explicitly says we can accept Monzo/Curve cards so no one should be getting their card refused.

Hope this helps and clears things up!


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The crew on the way back were waxing lyrical on the return trip. They definitely didn’t like the system; ‘the worst system I’ve ever used,’ etc. There certainly seems to be a lot of scrolling and tapping involved.


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I mean I don’t use it in my role so can’t comment on how well it is.

I haven’t really heard anything negative thus far. from what people have told me, it’s app based now and will get regular updates