Flying with easyJet

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My question: Can you pay with Contactless / Apple Pay on board easy? Or do they only swipe the card?
His response: No insert card only :credit_card:

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EasyJet refused to use my Monzo card on two different flights last week. I was told by the flight attendant that it was possible for Monzo customers to refuse to pay a transaction after it had gone through so they had cases where people didn’t pay for onboard purchases.

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What happened?


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Hugh explained on the other thread:

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Doh I thought I was in that thread lol

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Easy Jet staff refused to take my Monzo on a flight.
Do you know why?

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I think this has been discussed somewhere… they say it’s because they have received payments late or not at all from Monzo cards.


Hi @david_capon I’ve moved your post over to the Easy jet thread to keep them together.

Monzo reported yesterday that they had been told to start accepting Monzo cards however word might be slow in trickling down to all the cabin crew.

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Although it is easyjet… so this may never happen…

still angry at easyjet :grimacing:


So, myself & my wife have a Monzo account each, and now a fab joint account.

Today we went on holiday flying EasyJet from Luton to Dalaman, Turkey. Budgeting all done, Monzo was our card of choice. Not on EasyJet. We came to pay, the cabin manager declined to accept our Monzo card… citing an internal memo ‘Not to accept those bright coloured ‘mombo’ cards (made me laugh)’ asking why he said they don’t take pre paid cards, of course I said it was a full bank account, but he was having non of it … hang up from the past maybe, but an issue non the less.

Needless to say we had other means to pay, but if we didn’t… that would have been a dry flight :grimacing:

I’ve read historical forum posts where this was an issue, but maybe Monzo need to reach out to EasyJet if that’s not been done already

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Hope you don’t mind but I’ve merged your post with a similar discussion here.
Apparently this issue should have been resolved a few days ago, my guess is it’s slow passing around easyJet staff.

The reason you mention is correct, it appears they still think everyone has a prepaid card.
Next time this happens show them the “debit” hologram on the back of the card

Hope you had a nice trip! :flight_arrival:

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Is that the time?!

Edited :slight_smile:

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prepaid has/had a "debit " hologram on the back - :slight_smile: prepaid had your account number on the front bottom left


Thanks Jack. I’ll have a go coming home and point out the account details if I have any issues.


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I think the reason I have not had any issues when I fly EasyJet is coz I order spirits and I open them, pour them and drink them before they even see my card so i guess it’s a case of oh well too late kinda thing.


I’m guessing it’s taking a while to get the update down to all cabin crew!

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My mate said it was in the company newsletter or something (about not accepting it originally), so maybe the next one hasn’t been issued yet or staff don’t read it :smile:

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I went to use my Monzo card on easyJet flight between STN and GLA tonight and the cabin crew said “Sorry. We can’t accept that card” and then the other cabin crew corrected him and said “Oh, we can now. From last week”. So must be a recent communication. Nothing’s been debited from my account yet.


Not sure how often easyJet process their offline transactions but usually more often than that :confused: