Flux Open Day: Discussion and Feedback

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Hi all,

I’ve just started working on improving the experience of using Flux and would love to hear about your experience so far. I’m keen to hear about what we can do better and any features you’d love to have.

We have an open office this Thursday where you can come in for a quick chat, and you can meet the team and ask us any questions. If you are interested, you can pick your preferred time slot here .

We understand your time is valuable, so we’d like to offer you a £20 Amazon voucher to thank you for your support.

Look forward to meeting some of you this Thursday!



Not sure £20 would cover my travel…

So with that in mind, right now the main thing missing is vendors.

Are you focusing on ‘high street’ or small business? Or hoping to land a whale by getting Tesco or some such to sign up? LOVE the product but without more vendors its not much more than a nice idea with some potential.

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Unfortunately I haven’t been able to have an experience so far due to no retailer presence here in Northern Ireland :frowning:

Hopefully this will change when Costa is launched and then I’ll be able to provide some feedback

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Not going to the open day but agree with the guys above. Really only a select group of people are going to benefit from Flux at this time due to the low merchant numbers.

I myself don’t keep receipts unless they are gifts or expensive items for warranty purposes. But I guess as a start it would be good to get more Nationwide merchants on board, especially supermarkets.

From memory (from their launch event stream) they said 20 retailers make up something like 30% of all card spends, so they’re trying to get them on board.

I’d imagine that’ll include big name supermarkets.

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