Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

Yeah anymore word on the costa onboarding?


Every time you purchase an eligible loyalty item, your receipt will show an updated stamp card. When the stamp card is full, we will give you instant cashback when you purchase the free item. You can check out how it works at EAT. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can confirm it works flawlessly with EAT. :grin:



That’s right :slight_smile:. @OJFord we are a regulated AISP, which means we need to be very strict with our processes, and how we handle information, especially customer information!

No updates yet, but please keep an eye out for exciting announcements on our blog at blog.tryflux.com :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I’ve just started working on improving the experience of using Flux and would love to hear about your experience so far. I’m keen to hear about what we can do better and any features you’d love to have.

We have an open office this Thursday where you can come in for a quick chat, and you can meet the team and ask us any questions. If you are interested, you can pick your preferred time slot here.

We understand your time is valuable, so we’d like to offer you a £20 Amazon voucher to thank you for your support.

Look forward to meeting some of you this Thursday!



It would be nice if @Flux and Monzo sorted all the Flux cashback transfers so they had the Flux logo and didn’t appear as a payee contact.


Why is this post flagged?


Spam I guess

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Looking forward to trying this when Costa comes online. The map on the Flux website shows an ‘Eat’ in Cardiff, but that closed last year. Fortunately we have dozens of Costa’s.:slight_smile:

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Really hoping that you’ll get further retailers onboard so I can try this.

this is something i am really excited about. I hate receipts, always lose them, the email solution that many shops use is rubbish as I don’t want to give out my email to all the shops nor have my inbox cluttered.

I just wished they could get more retailers signed up

New account and the forum software picked up on some of the keywords before we had a chance to do our usual manual raising trust level, etc.

I’ve confirmed that @udigaur does work at Flux and put the post back. :slightly_smiling_face:


Does this mean you need the funds available initially to cover the cost? Rather than just asking for a free one?

Yep but the incoming payment was received within a few seconds (FasterPayment)

Transaction: 2019-02-11T16:20:16.448Z
FasterPayment: 2019-02-11T16:20:32.191Z

Does anybody know what sort of costs are involved for retailers? I want be able to ask some of my fav retailers to look into joining Flux. But the inevitable question is what will it cost them. Especially small independent businesses.

Found enough info on this page:

Receipts alone are free. They only pay for the value added stuff


Thanks for your help @Rika! :smiley:

I’ve created a separate forum to discuss this Thursday’s Open Day :slight_smile:. We would love to host you to our office and hear about what we can do better :smile:.

If you’re up for a quick 15-20 mins, you can book in your preferred time via calendly.

Feel free to shout if you have any questions! :smile:

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Yes :+1::+1::+1: