Flux: Free Giveaway! 🎁

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #1

Hi! :wave:

I wanted to share that Flux is running a giveaway tomorrow with Bel Air Shoreditch exclusively for Monzo customers who are using Flux and thought you might like to know about it… :monzo::muscle:

So what’s up for grabs? Fresh coconut water, that comes IN A COCONUT so that once you’ve drained it Bel Air will open it up so you can get the tasty flesh inside! :drooling_face:

To get your free coconut, firstly make sure you’ve activated Flux in your Monzo account. Then, waltz into Bel Air before July 7th, pay for it with your Monzo card and we’ll give you cashback in your Monzo account for the coconut within 24hrs. Coconuts are subject to availability!

If you’re not signed up to Flux and want to get involved you can [get activated here] (http://www.tryflux.com). FYI - we are currently available on iOS with Android on the way.

For context, Flux links with your Monzo account to give you loyalty and receipts when you pay at participating retailers. You can see our 1min video here…


We hope you enjoy! :raised_hands:

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Community Digest 07/07/17
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Thanks for the heads up Matty :slight_smile:

In case anyone’s wondering, there’s more details about the Flux x Monzo integration here -

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #3

Much appreciated @alexs! :+1:

(Adam Hockley) #4

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #5

Wanted to let you know that the giveaway is now live! :palm_tree:

If you’ve activated Flux on your Monzo account you will have received a push with instructions on how to get your free coconut at Bel-Air Shoreditch! :gift:

Any questions, let us know. :smile:

(Fin) #6

Thanks Matty. Like how the integration is working so far :grinning:

Can you let us know what sort of timescales we’re looking at for other companies to be added to the system - and maybe which companies are at the front of the queue and that we might see first?

(Sacha) #7

Like the concept and have just signed up. Hope you spread your wings more widely; there is life beyond Shoreditch :grin:

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #8

Hey @fashburner!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! :smile: If you have any thoughts / suggestions we’d love to hear them.

We’ve limited the number of retailers we’ve been working with thus far to ensure all the behinds the scenes tech works smoothly. We have been in discussions with various retailers ranging from corner shops to retail giants and will be scaling up the retailers we cover in the near future. Front of queue is more high frequency / food retailers.

What retailers would you love to see using Flux? :thinking:

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #9

Thanks @sacha! Where would you like our next focus to be? :wink:

(Jolin) #10

I vote Edinburgh. :grin:

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #11

Noted, thanks for this! :raised_hands:

(Anuj) #12

Manchester would be a good next location.

(Eve) #13

+1 for Manchester too

(Eduard) #14

Pretty interesting but since no Android, color me unimpressed. Hate it when people put Apple first. (I know all the reasons why, but still am annoyed). :wink:

(Sacha) #15

Just expanding across London. I have an Eat near my office in Ealing but it looks like only the central ones are included in the promotion on my feed.

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #16

Really appreciate the input @Anouj and @evangelskies! :smile:

Are there any particular retailers you would love us to target?

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #17

Really appreciate the honest feedback! We know it sucks :disappointed:

So you have context of why we’re doing iOS first, there are some limitations to the Android Monzo app at the moment that would make the experience of using it super confusing. Primarily, the challenge is that we can’t push feed items in the Android version, which we do on iOS to keep track of loyalty (see below), let you know where Flux is available and how it works. We’ve raised this with the Monzo team and will let you know on any updates :slight_smile:

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #18

Thanks for this! We’re working hard to get much more expansion now.

As for EAT Ealing we are on track for this in the next 2 weeks :+1:

(Tommy Long) #19

Huh? Pushing items via the API works fine in the Android app, or at least it did when I last tried it 6 months back!

(Andrew Schofield) #20

No, you can get the notification, but not a feed item.