Community Digest 07/07/17

(Naji Esiri) #1

@Sam previewed our new card carrier letters to rapturous approval. In the same breath he reignited the card colour discussion with a cheeky teaser.

On Tuesday we published the annual report - some really encouraging feedback from our crowdfunding investors.

Flux took a breather from redefining receipts and rewards to launch a free giveaway (coconuts to be precise) exclusive to Monzo customers alongside team lunch favourite Bel Air Shoreditch. Hopefully there will be more of this on the way!

In related news, there were some interesting thoughts on the future of transactions receipts.

With two outages in one day, it’s not been the easiest week, but the community have kept our spirits high with their kind words and support on here and social media - we really appreciate you all :heart:

We do our best to answer all the questions the community throw at us as best we can, but admittedly we struggled with this one. Sorry @Mikeee!