Flight rescheduled - should the airline pay for a hotel?

I have a flight booked for AMS-FRA-BOG. It was supposed to be a short transit in Frankfurt, but now Lufthansa have informed me that they’ve changed the date of the FRA-BOG sector, so I’ll be staying overnight in FRA.

I know when airlines change schedules/create delays at the last minute, they’d have to pay for a hotel if it’s an overnight. But they did this more than a month in advance so should they pay for a hotel, under EU rules?

Have a look at Money Saving Expert. You’ll get better advice there.

Good call. I’ll try on that forum!

Not the forum. Look at the articles. The site is very good for giving easy to understand advice on questions like yours.

Forums aren’t really worth it.

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Thank you @Revels! Seems like there’s no compensation/right to a hotel in this case.

No probs. I just googled your question :rofl:

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I wonder if this would be covered by travel insurance or via your credit card company if you paid with one?

If they’ve changed your flight to your detriment though you’ll be able to cancel FOC and rebook if there’s any better options that suit you.