UK domestic travel insurance

Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m flying on Sunday and wasn’t going to bother but then I read this :see_no_evil:

Don’t fly, it’s better for the planet.

Do fly, because you’ve already booked the tickets and have plans.

Hmmmmm :man_shrugging:

My only recommendation will be to turn up and see. If XR get their way and you are flying out of London City Airport then you might get caught up in this, or you might not.

Am I helping?! :laughing:

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I wouldn’t fly if the alternative wasn’t a 16 hour plus journey involving 3 buses, a ferry and a train as an alternative. I’ve only got 5 nights away :woman_shrugging:

I’m going Gatwick but there’s always a drone risk

So… insurance recommendations…

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Ha, my bad, totally didn’t read the TITLE of your post… insurance!


I have travel insurance through my employer and it covers UK domestic (never had this before). Obviously the usual travel insurance healthcare stuff is irrelevant because you are staying the UK. It does cover cancellation and curtailment PROVIDING that you have at least one night’s accomodation booked somewhere. So wouldn’t cover you if you catching a flight to see your Gran for example.

I think that this is typical of domestic travel insurance. You also need ot check because not all cover “End User Failure” - like if the hotel you booked go bust or something.

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I’ve never bothered previously - and I have flown extensively within UK for business in my working life. However in light of this it might be advisable to get some quotes for annual insurance that covers UK as well. R-

Alot of policies will cover a UK break if you’ve booked some nights in a hotel,

But I’m not sure exactly what it covers.

You can choose the UK as a destination on comparison sites.

I just had a quick look on Go Compare for a 1-week travel period - can get a 4* Defacto Rating cover for about £5. Cheapest was about £2.50.

I had a quick read of Puffin’s policy (slow day…) - and generally delays, disruptions, cancellations - come with a few restrictions like you must be delayed X hours and you are at the airport/station (which I read to mean they wouldn’t cover for cancellation if you had notice of a delay, and you chose to stay home?)

Seems to have a minimum trip length of 2 days, covering £1500 of cancellation cover - which seems reasonable.

I’d wager that most policies are probably similar, but I’d likely go for this one if I were after domestic insurance.

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There used to be a hack to get12 months of 2 for 1 cinema tickets from Compare the Market by buying a one day U.K. only travel insurance policy for £1. So, presumably, they will still be offering the policies.

I went with Puffin in the end, through Compare the Market

They don’t cover end supplier failure but i think Premier Inn and Easy Jet are unlikely to go into administration in the next 10 days, so I should be ok :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your help people :raised_hands:. I’ve bought overseas insurance before but Uk was a new experience