Flex transaction declined - or not

I recently signed up to Flex, and attempted to make my first transaction, an eBay purchase using Apple Pay. When I put my fingerprint on the home button to authenticate the transaction, I got a message saying the transaction had failed (and a different sound from the usual Apple Pay sound when a transaction is successful.)
I then made the transaction again using my normal Monzo card.
I’ve now had two order confirmations from eBay, and will wait and see whether or not I will receive the item twice.
I’m a bit confused as to why eBay should see the transaction as successful when Apple Pay treated it as though it had been declined.
Thank you.

Is the transaction showing twice on your account? Have you asked eBay?

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I’ve messaged Monzo and they said the Flex transaction did go through. I’ve replied and asked that if that’s the case, why did Monzo say otherwise? Both transactions are visible in the Monzo app.

I haven’t specifically asked eBay, but both transaction are showing as Paid in purchase history.

I’ve also asked the seller if I can cancel one of them.

It’s only a microSD card so not the end of the world if I get two, but doesn’t fill me with confidence in Flex when I’ve never had this issue before. (Assuming it is a Flex issue and not an Apple Pay issue that is…)

Thank you

You said it was ApplePay? That looks to be where the issue is/was.

Yeah, Monzo have come back to me again and said to take it up with Apple.
I’ve called them - they found I’m not quite on the latest iOS version so need to do an update, then will do more troubleshooting if I continue to have problems.
It could be nothing to do with Flex, just odd as I’ve never had a problem with Apple Pay before and the first time I do is with my first Flex transaction.

Thank you for your help