Trends and Flex

There is a problem with Flex and it’s integration with Trends. If you spend £75 in a shop and flex it then you are automatically re credited and then debuted £25.

From a budgeting point of view this is really unhelpful because it looks like you have only spent £25 and therefore trends does not reflect what you are buying in a month.

I would like trends to show that I have bought something for £75 and be able to ignore how it is repaid (irrelevant budgeting).

This might work for some people but definitely not for me and I will either cancel plus or stop using flex.


From my view, it’s working as it is designed, because you have only spent £25. If you paid off flex it would be £75, but you’ve not done that.

You could exclude the flex transfers (I think) or make sure the initial transaction isn’t excluded from summary? And then exclude the payment to flex otherwise you’d have spent £100.

Hope that makes sense.

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Technically you have only spent £25 though in that particular period. I don’t use trends but wouldn’t the next month then show the next £25 and so on, until it’s paid off in full

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You haven’t spent £75 so why would it show that?

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I think you’ve got two options essentially at this point: Either cancel Plus or stop using Flex.

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I agree with @Andymarkp (for Flexed transactions from the current account at least).

At the moment, I work around it by recategorising the ‘refund’ transfer from Flex as ‘transfers’ and repayments as a ‘Flex Repayment’ category that’s excluded from Trends spending, though.

Bit of a pain in the proverbial to remember to do it manually though.