Add a small flag icon to each transaction that has been made to show which country the transaction has been made in.

This should be a settings option so it can be toggled on or off, maybe also have an option to hide home country flag?



Oh, that’s going to be controversial REALLY quickly. Cyprus is a prime example were you are prone to upset someone either way, but there are a good number of other countries as well…

How does Monzo handle travel to those areas anyway? E.g. if you travel to Northern Cyprus, Palestine, Bir Tawil etc, which country does it show? Just curious…


Or Catalunya, the Basque country, Wallonia or Flanders, Wales…It really is best to avoid all that debate.


Well just follow FCO rules. While controversial, they exist and there are contentious areas (such as Taiwan) but there are official rules (eg. we don’t recognise Taiwan as a country).


This is certainly an option. But as I said: You will be prone to upset someone either way.


FCO rules, MasterCard International, etc, may all use different country lists. It really is better just avoiding the issue.


Although Monzo are of course already issuing travel reports etc, so they are already dealing with the issue some way or another… The already show some country when you make a purchase in, say, Northern Cyprus, or Taiwan, or Palestine, etc…

But I agree that flags tend to be even more controversial.

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FYI Northern Cyprus shows as Turkey and even on Android the flag doesn’t appear in the emoji

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Especially here in northern ireland :joy: people do alot of silly things over “flegs”


I’m guessing the current country comes from wherever MasterCard have the business registered to??
As already mentioned this is likely what Monzo use to show the country of purchase. While I agree that in some locations the identity is a controversial matter at the end of the day that business will have to be registered with MasterCard in some country or another.

I just thought it would be nice to see it at a glance. Especially if you travel a lot and then scroll back through your spending history - maybe it could be an opt-in type thing with a disclaimer saying something to the above effect

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Use the country reported by MasterCard? If anyone is offended they are more than welcome to scream at MasterCard to get that changed. :slight_smile:


I have no objection to this concept whatsoever.

Yes, you will get those I like to term the Professionally Upset who will be all wailing and gnashing of teeth about the quasi-political implications of showing one flag over another, but for 99% of people I suspect this won’t be an issue. As @anon23935806 says, use the country reported by MasterCard and let them take the brunt.

As for making it opt-in with a new setting, this would be yet another thing they would get upset about, only this time because they’d struggle to find the setting. I’d just switch it on and be done with it.


For countries: yes. But flags and countries are different things. As such @anon44204028’s examples are better than mine

There is no question about the country here. But flags? well, that’s a different matter …

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Solution: add a toggle in Settings that replaces flags with text-only initials of the country code like “FR” or “DE”.

As a side note, I can’t believe we’ve come so far that displaying country flags has become a source of offense and arguments. :joy:

I’ll leave this one here. I guess API developers had similar issues??


Oh it very much is! The Union Flag remains contentious as ever with all it’s myriad of political connotations (northern Ireland, the National Front, Westminster rule over Scotland, the Empire, etc), and only recently I have seen first hand Québécoise objecting to the Canadian flag.


Disputes about flags are about as old as flags, I believe…


I think we should go by whatever the government let you write on your driving license, if you were born there.

Flags are highly political here and anywhere there is dispute about sovereignty. Would alienate a lot of people. Avoid at all costs.


Flanders is in Wales???
So I’ve been wasting a lot of time, energy and diesel (more energy) travelling to Belgium??

But hey, let’s not…