My year on Monzo

(Christine Snowball) #1

The breakdown says I spent money in Spain but I’ve not been there, so quite worrying where that came from.

(Christine Snowball) #2

Sorry my mistake it is Irish flag and I did go there.

(Kolok) #3

I had a German flag, turns out I bought something on eBay using PayPal from a German seller.


The flags are quite small!


And almost identical… :es::ireland:

(Lizzie) #6

This is so weird I thought the exact same thing!!! I got my review. I thought that’s weird I havent been to Spain. My boyfriend promptly informed me it’s an Irish flag and we went to Dublin a month ago hahaha!!


(Only available in amateur ) #7


(Paul) #8

Do you mean Italy?

(Christine Snowball) #9

Thanks but turns out my flag was Irish and I had been there,


(Harry Cross) #10

I went to the Netherlands with Monzo last year, no icon for that. I wonder if there is a limit though, because I got the British, Italian and Slovenian flags.

(James Prince) #11

I wish the my year in Monzo actually told us how much money we spent on each category not just as a percentage…

(Jordan Taylor) #12

I think it makes it too financially personal then, as it’s encouraged to share your stats.
By having a percentage, it means that your 20% could be £200 or £20,000 but we will never know.

(James Prince) #13

Yes that fair enough… however, there could be two slides … one for percentages and then you swipe right and it shows you a private more personal one for figures … and you only can share the percentages one if you please

(Rm ) #14

For whoever at Monzo reads this, the summary chart shown on “My year on Monzo” is SO much more easier to comprehend than the current summary (pulse graph on home feed) and would be more effective if made permanent. Nice to know the percentages too. Transport being the highest… time to get a diesel! :pensive: