Flagging Posts

And another one gets closed down for four hours due to excessive flagging!

This forum is not worth visiting any more.



To be fair to the original flagging posts thread, a few of us took it upon ourself to have a play with the feature to deduce the criteria required to actually hide a comment due to flags. That likely contributed to the thread getting locked. :man_facepalming:

Was a good fun thread whilst it lasted though.


And posts that don’t conform to the I Love Monzo brigade are flagged and sometimes removed, even if they don’t breach community rules.

I was put off using Freetrade because of the community. I really hope this forum can get back to the way it used to be. Robust discussion with the aim of product improvement.

At the moment the forum isn’t representative of Monzo’s ethos.


Yep. I ensured that my on-topic contribution did not breach any rules. But when one is in a topic where the moderator has a different view, it’s inevitable that one’s posts will be continually removed. :man_shrugging:t2:

Whilst I can, I really need to say I don’t understand why you’ve moderated in the heavy-handed manner we’ve seen today. Closing threads which were doing no harm, which displayed a balance, which weren’t tearing anyone a new one?

The one thing that has remained constant despite the uncertainties of Monzo as a market leader has been a vibrant, if occasionally testy, forum.

Today has felt like a low-point…


I don’t think I’ve closed any today, other than the duplicate feedback thread that had been pointed at the ‘original’ for votes.

Edit: This one.

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Shame to see so many flagged and closed topics today.
Disappointed by this.

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If I may take the risk of joining @Demmedelusive in potentially being “disappeared”, I would state that the “today” qualifier wasn’t really needed. :grimacing:


You make it sound like there’s loads of closed topics today, but I only see three.

The many was posts.

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Three closed threads (although one doesn’t really count in my opinion, due to the goings on and the context) but a far greater number of posts have been flagged, hidden, and subsequently deleted. And from what I saw, seemed targeted towards one or two individuals, rather than the content of their posts. From what I saw observing those threads, @Feathers involved himself in that attack and harassment towards at least one user. Regardless of if that user is breaking the rules, or in the wrong, that’s just not OK.

The method of moderation used today certainly hasn’t done the community any justice in my view. I’m of the opinion that a rather heavy handed approach under the influence of subjective notion has contributed significantly to the issues we’ve witnessed in these threads, more so than the commenters who were flagged.

It never helps when moderators reply to flagged comments in a confrontational manner which only further derails things, and results in them removing their own posts later, along with the flagged comments, as if to convey an illusion of fairness, where there is none. It can often times come across as an abuse of power to silence people they don’t like or agree with, from my perspective.


From my viewpoint I thought I’d just moved a lot of posts about flagging out of topics that weren’t about flagging.

Just about every flag is followed with a “I don’t know why that was flagged” post. Which is sort of obvious unless the poster flagged it. These are just getting out of control at the minute.

Ironically, I nearly put them all here since they would be vaguely on-topic :man_shrugging:

Nothing is ever deleted though. It’s all just pushed aside somewhere.

No matter the forum, no matter the subject, moderators always get a hard time.

Unless you see every single post, every edit, you’ll never get the full picture.

They do it for free. Cut them some slack.


From my perspective, if a comment doesn’t break the rules, it shouldn’t be hidden. It’s fine to merge or move posts to relevant topics, but just moving them to a hidden archive section doesn’t really help anyone.


How the place runs isn’t up to me at all :man_shrugging: I know what I’ve been asked to do and I do it. When I have time.

If I cross a boundary somewhere or get it wrong I suspect Monzo will moan at me.


Not sure if this is aimed at me, but surely you’re making the decision about where to move a post? If Monzo is dictating you move all off-topic posts to some hidden area, then that’s a different thing, but without being rude and all due respect intended, I don’t see other members of the Coral Crew commonly acting in this manner.


Not rude at all.

In part I’m trying to avoid every thread being opaque to newcomers (I know, I know) just because it’s full of flag chat. Maybe it just annoys me more than other people.


Has it not occurred to you that perhaps it’s because some of the flags are unjust? Or that they’re not applied consistently in situations where the context is flipped?

If it’s not a consistent thing, it’s understandable for people to question it.

In the what happens if Monzo goes bust thread, you deleted my flagged comment before I had even seen it had been flagged, so I had no opportunity to edit it appropriately, or challenge the flag. Because in my view, calling someone’s decision that they made to mitigate the risk of Monzo going bust sensible was on topic, and I suspect, or rather, hope it was flagged for querying why their decision had been flagged, or just because the comment I was replying to had previously been hidden.

Surely I should have been allowed the chance to edit my post, and fix it, like everyone else is allowed to. Or it could have just been left hidden, like all the other flagged comments were? :man_shrugging:

That’s not consistent. Why was my comment handled differently, and in a more heavy handed manner that didn’t feel appropriate?

Don’t even get me started on the closure of @Neil0’s thread because you had a spat with another user. That was just uncalled for and the thread didn’t deserve to be closed because of it. You could have handled it better.


That’s fair enough. As has been said, you volunteer here and moderation can be a thankless task as I know from personal experience, I just think there have been times beyond the flagging posts where discussions have been needlessly shutdown which is disappointing.

With that said, I’m going to draw a line under my comments as I don’t want to risk coming across as personally attacking you which would never be my intent. :handshake:


Oh mine always get flagged it’s annoying

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