Flagging etc


Well seems someone have taken offense to me using the term T*B and flagged all my posts…

Well f*ck this I’m leaving.

See ya later everyone it’s been fun.



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See you in a few hours mate :wink:

If people are getting offended over the use of ‘TCB’ they really need to re-evaluate their priorities. Yes it was funny for a while and then it did become repetitive and unnecessary but it is definitely going way to far to start flagging posts!


I think we can function well as a community that focuses on positives :smile:

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Just so you know @anon72173902 it’s not just you being picked on. I had this for one of my post which was about a month old. And if you do a search you will see almost all the post with T reference flagged and hidden.

I think you just need to clam down and enjoy your holidays :wink:

There are some delicate souls here…


I don’t mind a bit of robust conversation. The problem generally is that it is all one sided. Remember how many threads got locked over ATM fees? You Danny in particular, spammed all over a thread with photographs.
I replied to an attack on Coop ATMs a couple of days ago asking where the Monzo ATM’s were and was promptly told to stay on subject.

So don’t dish out what you cannot receive.

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I’d not be surprised if your post gets flagged for using the abbreviation of the term use by The Telegraph to describe Starling Bank.

It’s not a derogatory abbreviation, it was intended to be light-hearted and it did lose some humour the more it was used.

What I don’t understand, though, is why it has taken some five weeks for this to become an issue? Why is it that posts receiving likes from members the community have suddenly become toxic?

I have no knowledge, but it seems that a number of people have organised themselves to use the search function and then flag any offending post some considerable time after the fact to secure a knee-jerk reaction from Monzo. If this is the case, it is pretty petty but that’s up to them.


In the abstract, I’d suggest that ‘likes’ on a post are not provided to be some sort of merit system on which the value of a post is judged. How many ‘likes’ any particular post has is neither here nor there.

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That’s just silly, of course likes are a judge of merit.


I wouldn’t be surprised if my post gets flagged either. I understand Monzo have to moderate and need to make sure that no one on their forums is ‘attacking’ another company and I totally agree with them doing that. If I do get flagged though, it will just show how moderation is becoming over sensitive

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When likes aren’t likes, sort of thing? :hushed:

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I remember the ATM fees threads going on and on and on and on and on and on seemingly forever, with the same arguments coming around again and again. The threads did eventually get merged and locked, but not before every opinion had been aired several times. In my opinion, locking them was a good move as they had ceased to be productive discussion long before. A quick search shows three main threads with 1,455 posts, 329 posts, and 72 posts. I hardly think this was a case of stifling discussion (one could argue it was allowed to go on too long).

Not at all, they’re purely a measure of popularity. That’s vastly different from being an indication of merit.

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You can split hairs if you like, but meritous posts are usually popular.

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Or agreement or endorsement or actually liking what someone said. Popularity does not equal to a like.

Mike, I don’t like posts of yours because I think you’re popular, I like them because I think you’ve made a good point and/or I agree with you. Perhaps I am unusual in this?


Fair enough.

My perception (possibly incorrectly) is that the slightest negativity towards Monzo is shut down whereas this banter against Starling has been allowed until now.



There is thread on this here;


I think that depends entirely on the make-up and motivations of the audience. In person, I think that correlation would hold up much more strongly but with the anonymity of the Internet, I don’t think it stands up to scritiny quite as well.

OK - read the other posts now. What I mean is, merit (in absolute terms) is not the same as the majority opinion.