Fix home navigation on iOS

The navigation drawer is broken and the UX is counterintuitive.

  • Pull down to see account list doesn’t work half of the time, and the animations/haptics just make no sense.
  • Why is settings hidden behind this gesture, it always takes me ages to find it.
  • the whole drawer and gestures associated with it need a lot more work, jerky animations, often lands on the wrong state.

All in all it’s a difficult user experience, and reflects badly on the brand as a software first, user experience champion.

Bonus request

  • loading indicator when balance is being refreshed
  • a way to manually trigger a home screen refresh.

How old is your iPhone?

  1. Never an issue for me
  2. What makes it hidden? You’d expect settings to be within an overview, not ‘inside’
  3. What needs work? Where should things be landing?

Of your bonus requests, it already says when it’s updating, but I agree with a manual way too.

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