[iOS] Transaction drawer has gaps on either side due to rounding

Issue: The transaction drawer on iOS is missing a group of pixels near the top on both sides.

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 13.1.2
Device: iPhone 6s
App Version: 2.3.0 (has been there since 2.62)


I’m sure I’ve seen this reported before… I’ll have a look.

EDIT: Ah, found it (We're working on a new look for the Monzo app)
it was you @talon - but just not an actual bug report back then.

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Is it a bug or a design decision?

I’ve just checked again and the missing pixels don’t appear to be missing on Android, so not sure if a design decision. Mind you, there are differences between Android & iOS!

It’s so tiny but ever since I noticed it weeks ago (thanks @talon :joy:) my eyes keep being drawn to it :eyes:
Hopefully it gets tidied up!

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