[FIX] Google Pay and Magisk Root - (Read all first)

So guys, Google recently updated their SafetyNet API in the latest versions of Google Play Services causing many apps with full root detection through the API to stop working including Google Pay.

However to get around this issue you can install the latest canary version of Magisk Manager (apk) and update everything to it’s latest version then go to the Magisk Hide tab and enable the “com.google.android.gms:snet” option under the Google Play Services drop-down menu then make sure Google Pay is also selected.

However be warned as this will give you a bleeding-edge build meaning other features may break/stop working so do this at your own risk.
That said I’ve been using this since the start of the month and have had no issues at all! Happy fixing…

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No security risk doing this? Just curious.

There is, but it is open source and stuff like this does get checked by the security community, but you never know

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I’ve never had or found any issues with security but there is the possibility although due to the alpha nature and frequent updates it is likely to be patched pretty quickly if an issue is found