First Direct Standing Order showing as HSBC


I have 2 bank accounts other than Monzo, one with First Direct and the other with HSBC that I have set monthly standing orders too.

They work well however the First Direct SO shows up as HSBC Bank (and the name or logo can not be edited as maybe it’s the first one I set up) as well as obviously the HSBC one which makes them impossible to differentiate at a glance other than memorising my own bank account numbers or sort codes to tell them apart. I am aware First Direct is owned by HSBC but they should still show up as different banks within the app.

Are there any plans to rectify this / is this a known issue?

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Do HSBC differentiate between HSBC and First Direct in their published lists of sort codes?

I’m guessing not because I see the same as you and I remember from an earlier thread some discussion that this data came from a central source.

Where I’m going with this is that I’m not sure if it’s Monzo’s issue to fix since it may relate to the way HSBC publish this data.


First direct is a branch of hsbc rather than a separate entity

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Being a ‘branch’ should make the fix simple, no?

Monzo simply needs to identify the sort code(s) HSBC assigns to First Direct, and use the correct logo.


Absolutely this. FD has a discrete set of sort codes so should be easy enough to do (Monzo willing).


It is technically correct. First Direct isn’t a separate bank, it is a division of HSBC UK Bank plc. It is HSBC trading as First Direct.

Maybe Monzo will customise it better in the future, but I feel they just pull a generic official list to use as it would be easy to just auto-update it.

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That division (FD) should have it’s own set of sort codes allocated to it which monzo should recognise as first direct rather than HSBC.

Definitely think it’s something that should be looked into.

Bank Hsbc Uk Bank Plc
Branch First Direct 4764

It’s easy to change logo for Monzo…