Transfers - Bank Logo


When doing a transfer or setting up a standing order I’ve noticed that Monzo reads the sort code and puts a little logo of the bank beside the sort code, this is a nice feature and i like it as a little validation to say yeah thats the correct bank sort code.

Would it be possible for you guys to include the northern irish banks in this look up database please? shouldn’t be a lot of work? namely Danske Bank, Bank of Ireland and Ulster Bank as the biggees please cheers.


Is this only an iOS feature? I can’t seem to get it to show on Android.:no_mouth:


Yeah it’s iOS only.



It doesn’t come up every time for me, but I’ve noticed it a few times, it’s really neat. Very small subtle logo but it’s handy if you do happen to know where the person you’re sending money to banks with.


Oops i may have let the cat out the bag here :grimacing:
Yeah im on ios, its one of those small things that you underestimate but a great touch, hoping you android folk can get it in the future

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I think it was something done during Monzo Time by one of the iOS devs.

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That sounds about right actually, well hers to hoping its expanded on once the big list is done or in another monzo time day

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