First direct credit card balance wrong


I linked my first direct credit card but the balance shows wrong. My first direct current account shows correctly but the credit card doesn’t, refreshing doesn’t work to fix
Details to reproduce: link a first direct credit card
Device: iPhone XR
App Version: Latest


In what way is it wrong? Is the balance higher or lower than expected? Is the difference accounted for in recent transactions?

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Monzo shows pending on the credit card as owing on mine, whereas Lloyds shows it at zero.

My credit card balance is 0 but in monzo it shows -993.32. fd is correct. The only thing I can think of is I went on holiday recently and had to put a few deposits on my credit card that haven’t been charged, like car hire deposit. Maybe monzo is adding those in where FD isn’t.

If that’s the case you’d be able to see the difference by looking at your available credit vs your credit limit.
It should all be displayed in your FD account.

With my Nationwide card, Monzo shows the amount spent, which includes pending charges. Nationwide shows balance, which doesn’t include pending charges. The difference is probably pending charges from your trip. Contact FD to be sure


Yeah that’s it, fd shows credit limit is less the amount accounted for in Monzo. I guess once the deposits expire it’ll sort itself out. I think ideally monzo should show both values, otherwise it’s confusing.