First 5 apps you install when setting up a new phone

The biggest feature for me is Markdown support. I can easily do formatting without taking my fingers off the keyboard which isn’t possible with any other “rich text” format (frankly “rich text” should just die as it never works as you’d expect and breaks things when copy/pasting from one app to another). It also degrades gracefully if pasted in plain-text where as rich text just looses all formatting.


Android Auto

As I have a Pixel, all the useful Google Apps get installed from the get go

American Express


As others have said I get Gmail and other Google apps from the get go. Otherwise Gmail would be in there!

  1. 1Password
  2. Monzo
  3. Overcast
  4. Plex
  5. Messenger

I’m going to cheat slightly with my second answer; they all serve the same purpose and listing them separately wouldn’t be interesting:

[Bank/Credit apps: Monzo, legacy bank, card providers]

(Bubbling under: Citymapper; streaming video apps (All4, iPlayer, Netflix); Letterboxd)

(Assumtions made: Google apps and social media apps already installed and just need credentials entering, which has been the case with my last two phones.)

What’s the difference between 1pssword & the Apple passwords manager?

1password worth the money?

The difference is less and less each year - I now use the Apple Password manager on iOS most of the time, as it’s just a little easier.

But… 1Password can hold a host of easily accessible information, that Apple password manager cant cope with (driving licences, NI numbers etc etc).

Definitely worth the money for me.

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Ok cheers

Will give the trial a go

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1Password has many more features (e.g. tagging, support for various types of information beyond web/app passwords, password sharing, a standalone app).

But for me the key feature it has that’s absent from Apple’s password manager is full cross platform support including Windows and Android.

I’m happy with the cost of 1Password but LastPass is another popular choice worth considering if you’re thinking of moving beyond Apple’s own password manager. It’s cheaper then 1Password.

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Have you tried the improved integration of 3rd party password managers that has come in iOS 12?

It really improves the experience of using a 3rd party password manager


Yeah I have, it’s really good and the difference is now negliable.

But I do find 1Password on iOS to be a tiny bit more fiddly (from auto filling to auto saving) - But it’s so so similar now.

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And their cross platform efforts are improving a lot with 1Password X, their standalone browser extension. It’s far from as good as one of their native apps but it means I didn’t need to find a new password manager when my daily computer usage moved to Linux.

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Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Royal Chaos, and Slack. Monzo and VSCO just miss the cut since I don’t need them as urgently!

I use Apple Notes for this. It has the facility to password protect notes, which is handy.

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Just chiming in with a slightly unusual answer; I login to my Google account and let it restore the backup of my last phone :slightly_smiling_face:. I don’t think I’ve setup a phone fresh since before they added the backup feature.

I’d say it’s the best value software I pay for by a mile.

If you just want to save your personal logins for Safari then you probably don’t need it but 1Password is more like a locker for all your (family’s) personal information.

I don’t think that’s unusual. It’s what I normally do. But sometimes I setup from scratch as a way of forcing myself to get rid of the apps I don’t really need (by way of not installing them on the new phone). If you were to setup from scratch, which 5 apps do you think you would install first?

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That’s exactly what I do with iOS.

Exact same here, I’ve also not had a new phone for a few years so what I would have installed then is probably different to what I’d install now but as I say I just let iCloud do it all